Automated Steady state gas permeameter

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Automated Steady state gas permeameter

The Model HKR-6 Gas Permeameter measures sample permeability to gas (air, nitrogen or helium) by the steady-state method. The unit is connected to a computer for automated data acquisition and control. The Model HKR-6 performs all data calculations for a direct reading of permeability. The computer also insures stable flow conditions through statistical analysis of the pressures and flow rates measured. Permeability can be measured on plug samples from <0.1 mD to >10 D, depending on sample size. Even horizontal permeability on full diameter samples can be measured with the Model HKR-6 permeameter.


By varying the mean flowing pressure with the precision metering valve supplied in the unit, "non-reactive liquid permeability" (Klinkenberg permeability) can be measured between 0.1 and 1500 mD.


A real time plot of unitized pressure drop along the sample versus unitized flow rate allows the operator to determine if the laminar flow regime required for the application of DaSXy’s Law is met. Criteria derived from Section 6.8 of the American Petroleum Institute’s "Recommended Practice for Core Analysis" are used to determine the transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow within the core sample. A traveling meniscus option allows measurements to be accurately made down to 0.001 md further enhancing the range of the system.

The holder for 1 inch (2.54 cm) diameter core samples up to 4 inches (10.16 cm) long. A 1.5 inch model can also be mounted on the console. Most coreholders can be utilized with the Model HKR-6 Auto steady-state gas permeameter 


Variable mean flowing pressure enables easy measurement of Klinkenberg slip factor (b), and non-reactive liquid permeability (Klinkenberg Permeability)
Computer with SENXIN GROUP Systems proprietary data acquisition and control software
Permeability measurements on plug size sample from <0.1 mD to >10 D
Measures gas permeability by steady-state method
Can be utilized with most coreholders
Permeability Measurement Range: 0.001md to 10,000md. 


Permeability Range: 0.01md to 10 darcy

Flow pressure:0 to 100 psig

Gas flow rate:0 - 1000 cc/min

Pressure transducer accuracy: 0.1% FS @ 4 to 50 psi and 0.15% FS @ 0 to 4 psi.

Flow meter accuracy: Better than 1%

Nitrogen supply: 100 psi

Power: 220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz


Scope of Supply:

The Model HKR-6 Auto gas permeameter operating software CD