Automatic Core Flood System

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Automatic Core Flood System

RESERVOIR CONDITIONS COREFLOODING SYSTEM - is a automated, modular Core Flooding system that is configured for unsteady-state relative permeability tests. Core Flooding experiments in single and multi phase displacements are available in manual and automatic mode, addition of the gas delivery system allow performance of gas displacement experiments. In addition to relative permeability experiments the system is capable of performing a range of reservoir quality assessment experiments including: critical velocity, brine sensitivity, return permeability and acid sensitivity. This system is specifically configured to take advantage of Core Laboratories many years of performing waterflooding and simulation experiments.

The base system is configured for liquid/liquid displacements under unsteady state conditions or miscible flood, polymer and other enhanced oil recovery experiments to be performed. The system is rated to 10,000 psig confining pressure, 9,000 psig pore pressure at 360 °F (180 °C) temperature. The system features automated data acquisition, automated operation via an Inter Active Windows based graphical interface.

A test sequencer allows the user to predefine unique test sequences which can be saved and run at any time.


Automated state of the art system

Unsteady state relative permeability tests

Enhanced oil recovery tests

Formation damage and remediation tests

Forward and reverse flow capabilities

Two pressure taps are standard

Pulsation-free pumping system

Automatic confining pressure controller

Automated Digital Back Pressure Regulator

Precision Quartz pressure transducers with multiple pressure taps

Acoustically-monitored produced fluid separator

Highly corrosion-resistant construction throughout

Inert construction throughout

Unique split oven design for easy access to all components

Unique Test Sequencer software module allows the user to predefine test sequences that can be saved for future use



Maximum confining pressure: 10,000 psi (70MPa)- Higher pressures available

Maximum pore pressure: 6,000 psi (50MPa)- higher pressures available with different pumps

Maximum operating temperature: 360 °F (180 °C) - Higher temperatures available

Routine Core length: 25mm (1") to 150mm (6") standard (other lengths available upon request)

Pressure tap spacing: 50.4mm (2.0") unless otherwise specified

Routine Core diameter: 25mm (1.0)" and 38mm (1.5") (optionally 30 mm)

Special Core:45 X 45 X 300 mm (Square)-- optionally

Flow rate range: 0.001 to 15 cc/min (other flow rates available)

Pore fluid wetted parts: Hastelloy®, titanium, Teflon®, Viton® and PEEK

Hastelloy piston accumulators

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